Packing for Baby

Two days from now, we will be venturing around airports, lugging around way too many bags, making our way south with newest little one. This is our first travel adventure with her and I'm not quite sure what to expect.

I'm pretty much a control freak. I love love love planning, organizing and lists. I even like re-writing my list when I get to cross something off (there are more of us out there I know it!). So...what do I do to curb the anxiety of all the unknowns creeping up on me - why pack obsessively neat of course!

I would give you a step by step tutorial, but I'm pretty sure the photos are self explanatory. In each labeled bag you will find a onesie, shirt, pants, and socks. We're only going for 4 days, but you will find 8 outfits. I AM a first time mom so overpacking is a prerequisite. 

My other hope is this packing method will keep the suitcase tidy and we will prevent the "crap I can only find one of her socks" from happening.

So there you have it! My solution to not forgetting anything for baby and keeping her clothes neat and organized.  Oh, and don't forget the best part, Dad can actually dress her! We all know what can happen when dads are left in charge of picking out outfits... I don't need to elaborate!

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