Wedding Details

When I go to a wedding I love to look at all the small details and personal touches (maybe it's a girl thing).  So, when we got married, it was all about the little things!

My mom sewed 18 beautiful pink tablecloths for the dinner tables.  There were about 5 different patterns but they were all PINK (sometimes the details are for the bride, not the couple!)
To make each centerpiece we used a wooden plate (found at Hobby Lobby and stained by my dad) and 3 mason jars wrapped in ribbon.  
The escort cards were flowers that our guests 'picked' as they came in the door.  Each table matched a different type of flower.  My aunt used her Cricut machine to cut them.  She was very tired of pink and green by the time our wedding was over!
We also had fans for the hot weather.  However, we REALLY needed umbrellas that day.  The fans made for a cute decoration:)
Each guest received a program and a menu (lots of work but so worth it).  
Our cupcakes were all pink and green with small flowers everywhere.  The adorable cake topper came from an Etsy shop.  She made it to look just like us!
It is a nice little keepsake from the day and is sitting out on a shelf in our house.  Honestly, how cute are the tiny people!?!
Finally-the guestbook table!  We had one small guestbook for the guests to write in and a beautiful fingerprint tree that my mom painted.  I smile every time I look at it hanging on our wall.  :)

There are a few other things I'd really like to share but I'll save them for another post!  Looking at these pictures reminds me of all the people that pitched in to make it perfect (or at least perfect in our eyes.)

In case your eyes are burning from too much pink and green-I'll leave you with an adorable bee!


  1. yup! details are so soo important! it's kind of what the girl obsesses about haha!! love the escort cards!

    1. Thanks Sandy! And you're right-girls definitely obsess about details. :)