DIY Candy Bar

Weddings are supposed to be about the couple but, let's face it: you want your guests to have fun!

Here is a way to guarantee they leave your wedding with a smile (and a full belly):

1) Get a piece of fabric large enough to drape over the table you will be using.  We used a pretty large piece with lots of extra length. You might want to use a smaller piece or a table cloth if you want something more fitted.

2) Find buckets, jars, etc.  We used tin buckets and mason jars.  I've also seen some really cute candy bars with glass vases but we were going for a more laid-back, look.  Garden Ridge, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby are good places to look.  I also saw some pretty good deals online (especially if you order large quantities.)

3) Get some scoops or tongs!  We originally bought scoops but realized most of our candy was bigger and wrapped so tongs were a better choice.  We found both at Party City.

4) Find ribbon in a size that you like and wrap it around each tin.  We used tape hot glue to attach it.  
*Open bar + candy could be disastrous if proper measures aren't taken so make sure it's sturdy!! :)

5) Make some really cute labels!  This part was really fun.  We used the Cricut to cut some shapes but you could use a paper punch or trace the shapes you would like.  Then write/type/stamp the name of the candy.  Attach the label with more hot glue.

6) Find some bags to use.  We got ours here.  Good deals for a lot of bags!  Make labels for the bags.  We printed our names and the date and then punched the shapes.  Stickers would also look really cute.

7) Of course-GET CANDY!  We got a lot from Sams and some from this old fashioned candy store. 

8) Put it all together!  Then watch as your guests take a bag for themselves, their brother, and their childhood best friend.  Seriously-people love candy. :)

*Because the buckets were so similar in size we decided to use some boxes under the fabric to get a little variation in height.

What did your guests enjoy most about your wedding?


  1. I went to a wedding with a candy bar once and people LOVED it! I tried to make things easier for my wedding guests by taking all our pictures before so we could eat right after the ceremony AND by having the ceremony and reception in the same spot, so no one would have to drive between places.

  2. I love that idea Karissa! Pictures can take SO long. Also, I think people really like having the ceremony and reception in one place-much easier!