Easy Kid Closet Dividers

Who doesn't love to organize? And better yet... who doesn't love a super fast and easy way to organize?! The kids can even help with this project!

Here is a tutorial on how to create closet organizers with very few steps and very little clean up!

Materials: foam sheets, a cd, and number stickers 

1. Gather your materials

2. Trace out your circle.  

3. Cut out the shape. I just guessed on the size of the middle circle. I used a votive candle holder and pressed it in the center. It left a slight dent in the foam and didn't get any marker on it! 

3. Stick stickers in place (or use your circuit to cut out numbers and glue them in place). You could also let the older kiddos decorate these now that you've cut them out! 

4. Start organizing those closets! 

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