DIY Magnetic Board

How to make your own magnetic board:
*Cute and easy!

What you need:
-A cookie sheet
-Hot glue

1) Get a cookie sheet.  Make sure your cookie sheet is magnetic!!  

2) Choose a fabric you like and cut it so each side is about 2-3 inches longer than your cookie sheet.

3) Stretch the fabric tightly across the cookie sheet.  
4) Turn the cookie sheet over (so you're looking at the back) and hot glue the top and the bottom to hold the fabric in place.
4) Tightly fold the corners of the fabric.
5) Hot glue the corners and the sides of the fabric.

6) Turn it over and admire your adorable magnetic board!  I also added a couple fabric flowers I made (I'll share a tutorial for those another day).

*I use my magnetic board in my craft area.



  1. There are really many great designs for magnetic board and this one is one of them. I would like to decorate my magnetic boards at the office and I thank you for contributing another great idea.