DIY Chalkboard Guest Book

What's more fitting for a teacher's wedding guestbook than chalkboards? When I read about the idea in a wedding magazine (sadly, I planned my wedding in the days before Pinterest) I was so excited! I knew it was a quick, easy, cheap and fun idea. So here's how it went...

1. My neighbor had old scrap cabinet plywood he let us have.

2. We used a table saw and cut the slab into random sizes (simply because it was easier than measuring).

3. Then we primed the wood with old primer and two coats of chalkboard paint! Viola! There you have it- easy breezy chalkboards!

We wrote on two of the boards asking the guests to "write us a message & take a photo with the camera." We left a digital camera out on the table and had one of the photographers man the area after dinner.

When my husband and I reviewed the photos the next morning in our hotel room we laughed for hours. It was a great way to relive the night and smile and laugh at the sweet messages from our guests.

The first 100 photos were sweet and innocent... but as the night progressed you can only imagine how creative our friends got with these boards!

We also ended up using chalkboards to label other things at the wedding like the favors and the signature drinks at the bar. 

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