How this blog came to be

Jenny and Elaine met in Grad school at The Ohio State University in 2007.  

While working together on group projects and student teaching in the same preschool, they became quick friends. 

Jenny and Elaine spent the next year:
-Running (even in the sleet, snow, and ice!)
-Applying for TONS of teaching jobs
-Planning some pretty awesome lessons
-Killing earthworms (hey, sometimes lessons don't go as planned)
-Surviving grad school
-Laughing-A LOT

Seriously-they probably wouldn't have made it without each other.

At the end of the year Jenny and Elaine both left the sleet, snow, and ice in Ohio for the sunny blue skies of North Carolina.  Elaine moved to the foothills of Western North Carolina and Jenny headed to the piedmont.  

Of course, they remained good friends.  

And then- their weddings came!  They planned, cut, glued, organized, and planned some more.  Together they survived floral disasters and near-tornados, and had two pretty beautiful weddings (at least they think so). 

Elaine recently moved within 20 minutes of Jenny.  And so-they can again share their love for all things creative!  And that is where this little blog comes in.  So Jenny and Elaine can share their creations with others.  Hopefully a few of their ideas will be successful.  But when some of them flop (and they will), Jenny and Elaine will giggle about it together.  They hope this blog will give you some great ideas and make you giggle too!