The MOST Delicious Sandwich You Will Ever Eat!

Brace yourself...

I'm about to tell you about the best sandwich you will ever eat.

Brie, apples, and bacon.  All piled up in a mountain of deliciousness (umm is that actually a word??)

I found this recipe on Trader Joe's website and decided to make it for lunch one day.

And then my life changed....

I fell in love with this sandwich.  My husband did too.  He even said it would be part of his last meal (along with steak and Chipotle, obviously).

What you need:

-Some kind of thick and delicious bread.  I have tried many kinds but this is NOT a regular slice of bread kind of sandwich.  It needs to be able to support all of the layers of deliciousness! Trader Joe's suggests the Italian country loaf or panini roll.

-Butter (however much you want on your panini).

-1 Fuji apple cut in thin(ish) slices

-A few slices of brie cheese-I am usually not successful in getting actual slices so I just smear it on.

-4 strips of applewood smoked bacon (cooked)

1) Butter your bread

2) Place/smear the brie onto the bottom slice of bread

3) Alternate slices of bacon and apple...I usually do 2 layers of apple and 1-2 layers of bacon.

4) Place your panini in a press or in a panini pan and cook until it looks good and ready-aka-browned on both sides with melty cheese.

5) Enjoy :)

Oh and check out Trader Joe's website for a much better description and picture!

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